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Me and my family



It’s Me

My name: ELLY

I was born in Bandung, but I grew up in Indramayu.

My School :

SD N 1 Haurgeulis

SMP N Haurgeulis

SMA N Indramayu

IKIP N Yogyakarta

At the moment, I live in Denpasar – BALI

My husband : Gusti

My daughter : Ninta

My son : Refi

G.A. Lira Ferani (5 Februari-7Februari 1997)….Rest in Peace

I have a few hobbies, but I find reading the most enjoyable.

I read almost anything that will increase my general knowledge, include news, magazine and several fiction books.

I like collect some recipes, and sometime I try to cook it.

I have some books about cooking, sewing, embroidery and many other types of books.

I arrange my books on shelves.

To me, there is nothing like reading.

My parent for inspiring me, They taught me to be a women and to be positive whatever we face. And to be thankful to God.

I dream about being somebody who can help my parent and my brothers & sisters.

I want to wake up the next morning in better health

I want to die in my religion of Islam, surrounded by my family.


ryl_b0uzu_061012_070634Rilis Cininta

Refi Devangga

If you want children to listen to you, you have to listen to them first.


Aku & Devan



Don’t compare your husband with other husbands.

Learn to enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

Discuss with him and clear the misunderstandings.

Take your time to understand him and his past and his present, and the future.

Once you understand that, you have achieved 90% success.

Don’t nag him. Don’t shout. Don’t pester him.

Don’t talk about household problems when he is in a hurry.

Let him feel relaxed and wanted. Let him talk and you listen.

You can make your husband feel great.

We live only one life, not to separate lives.

Therefore, guide your husband to share time by setting goals for him.

How many nights at home with you and the children?

How many Sundays with the children in the park?

This way you will be solving tomorrow’s problem.

Your Wife

You better learn to make her happy because it is only then that you will also be happy.

We can learn from the mistakes of others.

Agree with your wife and your life will be much simpler and happier.

Learn to say sorry when it is your fault and even when it isn’t your fault.

Let the smile come out of your head and heart, your wife may not be able to solve some of your silly problems, so why come home with a grouchy face, remember that will make it worse.

Appreciate your wife’s efforts, see what a difference it makes.

Now, once you start thinking that your wife is a very good wife, a very good mother, and if you keep on thinking that way, she will turn into all the things you imagine her to be.

Use your mental knife to cut out your wife’s bad points and you will find her 96% too good to be true.

Let her do some much needed social work in your town. Let her enjoy the timelight. It is worth it. Give it a try

Give her your time, not expensive gifts. When your wife has a headache, she doesn’t need a tablet, all she needs a flower and a smile.

Whenever you do something for your wife, do it for the inner joy of giving.

If you want happiness for a lifetime, learn to love your wife, every minute. And show her that you love her.

( dari buku: Simple Ways to make Your Family Happy- Promod Batra )

8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hallo mbak Ely … how r u? baek² kan …
    semoga mbak masih inget saya .. saya ’84, kadang² masih ketemu dg mas Sugiyanto ..

    Kemarin aku baru tengok ibu Aswarni Sudjud, beliau hbs sakit [cancer] .. tp alhamdulillah sudah sehat ..

    mbak cari aku di fesbuk ya … teman² pada ngumpul di sana kog …

    matur tengkyu …



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