Cervical cancer or cervical cancer is cancer that occurs in the area of ​​female reproductive organs located between the uterus and vagina. This cancer usually occurs in women who have sex. This type of cancer is that the cancer can be prevented or cured compared to other types of cancer.


Characterized by the growth of cells on the cervix that is not normal. But before they become cancer cells, these cells undergo several changes that took many years to finally turn into cancer cells. During the process of change, appropriate treatment can stop the abnormal cells. In order to determine the presence of abnormal cells do inspection called pap smear test, which is taking cervical cells and then examined under a microscope to determine the changes that occur.



If changes are known as early as possible:

1. Heating, diathermy or laser.

2. Cone biopsy, take a few cells of the uterus, including the changes to be examined.

If the disease has reached the stage of pre-cancer:

1. Operation, namely by taking the cancerous area, usually the uterus and cervix.

2. Radiotherapy, which uses high-powered X-rays can be done internally or externally.

The risk of cervical cancer:

> Any women who had sexual intercourse

> Having sex with a different partner

> Smoking, women smokers have a greater risk of cervical cancer

> Many of birth

> Most infections in the genital area

Sources: KOMPAS, The Macmillan Visual Dictionary, http://dokter.indo.net.id

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